Joe A. Evans, Jr.

Joe A. Evans, Jr. moved to Texas from Florida by way of California in 2006.  He started with Beaumont Occupational Services, a company that provides comprehensive drug, occupational and DNA testing along with many other services. He now serves as the general manager.


Joe received his Bachelor of Science degree in History-Education from Florida A&M University in and his Master’s in Public Health from Lamar University.


Several years later Joe decided it was time to start making a difference in this community that he and his family chose to embrace.


Unfortunately, Joe’s wife Misty passed away in 2017 and Joe was left to raise his 3 beautiful daughters.  And he has done an incredible job. Instilling the same values his parents instilled in him.


Joe is very involved in our community.  Serving on Board of Directors at The Garth House .…with the Mickey Mehaffey Children’s Advocacy Program, the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity and he has served as President since 2017.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes of Southeast Texas. Joe is a Partner Advocate, with Men of CASA, a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children.  He is a Council Member of the Golden Triangle Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.  In 2018 he was appointed by Governor Abbott to the Texas Council on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. He was reappointed in February of this year. Joe is also a mentor for the IEA… Inspire, Encourage, Achieve Program.  A program started by Regina Rogers and her late father Ben Rogers. Helping children achieve dignity and respect through knowledge, compassion, understanding, and love.  He conducts classes 5 days a week at the Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center.  And on the weekends, he mentors and reads to those young men.  He wants to give them a positive male role model and help them to understand that just because they made mistakes doesn’t mean they have to stay in those positions. That they can come back from that defeat and ultimately become productive, successful members of society. 

Joe was elected to the District 1 Beaumont Independent School District Trustee.  Joe ran for the board because he wants to make a difference. He believes that you can break a lot of the negative cycles by improving literacy and get people to focus on the importance of education.


Joe was elected the Chairman of the Jefferson County Republican Party in 2022 and is currently reshaping the Republican Party and working hard to turn Jefferson County RED!